News and info - August 2018

We are approaching the 2018 European Continental Championship Dryland that will take place in Nybro, Sweden October 24-28th. Invitation and related documents are now uploaded here on the website under Events – Continental Championships. (Photo by Per Sverre Simonsen)

DID  registration from European countries:
As indicated on the European Championships Dryland Invitation, no DID from European countries will be registered between October 15 and October 28. All registrations to the EC Dryland will be checked for correct DID number and correct age class.
DID registration from non European countries will be processed as usual.

IFSS Race Rules
The IFSS Race Rules approved by Council have had a few spelling errors corrected and the updated version is now posted on the website under Documents. 

World Championship Snow and Dryland 2019
Links to websites for the World Championship events Snow and Dryland 2019 will soon be posted here on IFSS website. 

Published of Helen Lundberg 09 augusti 2018
New contact emails for IFSS officials and committees/commissions

IFSS new contact emails
As a result of the implementation of the new GDPR law, Kjell Ek, IFSS GDPR officer has created new contact emails for IFSS officials including committees/commissions. The result is that some of the old previously published emails are not in use any longer.  
Below you will find the updated list of contact emails for IFSS Council and committees and commissions. If you recently have sent email to an IFSS official without any response, please resend to the updated email.

IFSS updated contact email list:

President Helen Lundberg - 
Vice President Sport Eeva Äijälä -
Vice President Economy Morten Sørensen - 
Vice President Development Mari Hoe Raitto -

Executive Director Dori Hollingsworth - 

Continental Director Asia Jay Kim -
Continental Director Europe Bengt Pontén -
Continental Director North America Rebecca Knight -
Continental Director Oceania Ray Holliday -
Continental Director South America Konrad Jakob -
Athletes delegate council Petra Wadlund Lind -

Web Master Kjell Ek -

Anti Doping Committee -
Anti Doping Chair person -
World Cup/Accreditation Committee -
DID registration -
1-2 Dog Committee -
Race Judges and Race Regulations Committee -
Nordic Breed Committee -
Youth Committee -
Inclusive Global Access Committee -
Membership Committee -
Animal Health and Welfare Committee -
Nominating Commission -
Legal Commission -

Published of Helen Lundberg 08 augusti 2018
New IFSS Race Judges and New Webmaster
Six new IFSS International Race Judges
Educating judges is high on the IFSS priority list and I am very glad that IFSS now have six new International Race Judges for all classes, snow and dryland:
Henriette van Geel, Netherlands
Bengt Pontén, Sweden
Ulrika Haapaniemi, Sweden
Per Larsson, Sweden
Ninni Hjortvall, Sweden
Owe Johnson, Sweden
For a complete list of IFSS Race Marshals and Race Judges all classes see IFSS website for the complete list under "Race Judges and Instructors".
New Webmaster and a new design of IFSS website
I want to say a big thank you to Anthony “Tone” Coughlin who has been IFSS Webmaster for the last four years. IFSS will now move on with a new Webmaster, Kjell Ek from Sweden, who has a long history in the sleddogsport, both as an athlete, team leader and website designer. Kjell will take over as Webmaster starting out July 1st 2018 and he will help updating the current website and he will also start to design IFSS new website. Welcome Kjell!
Published of IFSS Board 06 juli 2018
New Race Rules to come
IFSS Race Rules as posted here on IFSS website will be valid until the updated version will be approved by Council.
Published of IFSS Board 06 juli 2018
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