The first ever European Championships long distance sled dog event.

The Femund race (Femundløpet) is annual long distance sleddog race in the mountains of Norway. The race starts and ends in the colorful streets of the UNESCO World Heritage mining town of Røros.

The teams mush through eight districts and the fascinating countryside of Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark counties, then return to Røros and the finish line.

The race is considered one of the toughest and mushers and dogs are faced with all the elements nature in this mountain region provides: Temperatures as low as -40C, snowstorms and whiteouts in difficult terrain are just some of the things that add to the challenge of this race.

There are three Championship classes; the F-600 (600 kilometres with 12 dogs), the F-400 (400 kilometres with 8 dogs) and the F-junior (200 kilometres with 6 dogs).

The race begins Friday 5th February and mushers are expected to cross the finishing line throughout the weekend and the coming week days….

There will be live coverage of all classes, where you can follow the mushers throughout the race.
Web TV, Videos and pictures will also be available on the races web site

The English site to the Femund race: