In September Šimon Cipro, European Athlete’s representative and also chairperson in the Athletes Committee and Athletes delegate in the IFSS council, informed me that he no longer could fulfill his duties and wanted to step down.

Today I am very pleased to announce that Petra Wadlund Lindh, Sweden, will replace Šimon Cipro representing Europe in the Athletes committee. Petra will also chair the Athletes committee and take a seat in the IFSS council as the Athletes Delegate.

I have known Petra for many years and I am sure she will be a perfect person to represent athletes from all disciplines in the committee. She is also a very talented organizer for races and events such as the successful seminar in Kiruna, Sweden. In her daily work she also faces lots of challenges as a manager at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

I want to thank Šimon for the time he has volunteered for IFSS and I give Petra a warm welcome!

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President


Petra Wadlund Lindh


“I am 44 years old and l live in Laxforsen, Kiruna in northernmost Sweden.

My life with sleddogs started in the mid 90´s when my husband Lars and I bought our current home in Laxforsen where we started out to build up a fairly small mid-distance kennel. Over the years we have together worked hard to become a top-racing kennel and since then, my heart and life have been dedicated to my dogs and the sleddogsport.

I started racing sleddogs for Kiruna Sleddog Club in 2000. My first race ever was in the open-class, but I quickly turned to the limited sprint classes, 4-dog and 6-dog and have during the later years, also entered some skijoring competitions. Over the years I have traveled and raced all across Scandinavia and Europe, with a primary cause of fielding a top 6-dog sprint team and I am a multiple Swedish Championship and European Championship medalist.

Out of several reasons, me any my husband a couple of years ago decided to downsize our kennel, and it now consists of six German Shorthaired Pointers of which one is a puppy and one retired. My husband still train and race dogs successfully as part of a cooperation with the Swedish mobility challenged musher Taina Teräs.

Myself, as nowadays being more of a recreational musher, have more time to invest in our local sleddog club. We are both involved in our local sled dog club and are actively working with promoting the sport, as well as organizing races and educational symposiums and events.

I am passionate about uniting the working dog and sled dog community and to inspire change and to ensure that mushing is at the heart of development!”

Athletes Committee: Wolfgang Meyer representing Africa, Murielle Gouriou Ovenden representing North America, Clint Graham, representing Oceania, Byungchul representing Asia and Petra Wadlund Lindh, representing Europe and also chair.