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Doping and Supplements

Here is some excerpt of an article published on the website regarding the use of supplements by athletes.The article was written by Tom Rudkin David Herbert and published on March 9, 2015. It is visible in full on ATHLETES ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SUPPLEMENT INTAKE The risks associated with sporting supplements are [...]

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Doping Control on Dogs

The Step by Step procedure for urine sample collection has been updated and can be found on the Anti-Doping/info page. You will note that, if needed, the athlete whose dog is being controlled can authorize a handler or team leader to act on his behalf during the urine sample collection procedure. The athlete remains responsible [...]

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Mónica Pacheco Duran – IFSS Doping Control Officer

Camp Dannevall December 4th 2014 Dear all, I am very pleased to announce to you that IFSS now have one more certified DCO, Doping Control Officer, Mónica Pacheco Duran from Spain. Mónica was certified during the IFSS European Championship Dryland at Lamote-Beuvron in France under supervision of IFSS DCP Responsible Carin Ahlstedt. Sonja Fechner Bolz [...]

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Training of Doping Control Personnel

IFSS has scheduled a DCP training seminar in conjunction with the European Championships Dryland end of November. The seminar will start on Wednesday November 26 in the evening and will be completed by Friday November 28; It will be followed by hand-on training during the weekend. Interested persons should contact the ADC at

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