World Cup Calendar 2018-2019

IFSS World Cup calendar for season 2018-2019 has been updated and posted on IFSS website. IFSS is looking forward to many new applications, in particular from the Southern Hemisphere.​ You will also find World Cup Application Form and Regulations posted on website. If there are any questions regarding World Cup applications please send email to [...]

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DID registration for season 2018/2019

For the season 2018/2019 starting on June 1st, 2018, the DID registration fee is not changed (30 €). The procedure to register DID has not changed. The national members can send their registration request using the Excel DID Registration form available on the IFSS website. Like this year, the DID numbers will be assigned by [...]

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WORLD CUP 2018/2019

The World Cup regulations have been revised for the season 2018/2019. The main changes are as follows: - Information concerning accreditation which were previously on the document “Accreditation and World Championships” has been moved to the new document “Cup Regulations” which is now the only regulation governing the World Cup. - The point calculation for [...]

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Iceland and Kazakhstan new Provisional Members

Vemhån Sweden April 11th, 2018 I am very glad to announce that IFSS now have two new Provisional members - KFSDS of Kazakhstan and SHKI of Iceland. IFSS Membership committee has reviewed both applications and supports them. IFSS council voted all in favor to approve both KFSDS of Kazakhstan and SHKI of Iceland as Provisional [...]

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Global Warming – Sled Dog Seminar

The BSSF conjunction with the IFSS, RFEDI Spain Snow and ISDVMA would like to invite you to the first seminar looking specifically at running sled dogs in warmer temperatures and an introduction to Anti-Doping. The seminar will be open to all interested IFSS members, drivers and athletes with 20 spaces available. See information in pdf. [...]

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Latvia to host the IFSS 2019 Dryland World Championship

The IFSS Dryland World Championship 2019 will take place in Latvia. I am very glad to announce that IFSS members have voted in favor of the Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports application to host the 2019 Dryland World Championship. “Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports and Nature Park "Zilie kalni" is proud for the opportunity to [...]

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IFSS Warning Regarding the Administration of Supplements to Dogs

IFSS is concerned about what seems to be a increasing fashion trend when it comes to feeding sleddogs a lot of supplements. From a veterinary point of view, the majority of sleddogs under an appropriate training program, a good nutritional strategy, and a vaccination and deworming plan prescribed by their veterinarian, don’t need lots supplements. [...]

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IFSS elects new Vice President Development

Welcome Mari Hoe Raitto – IFSS new Vice President Development! Mari was born in Fagernes, Norway, moved to Alaska USA when she was 20, and have since then lived in Alaska. Growing up in Norway gave her outdoor skills in many sports and activities. Mari competed in Alpine and Xc skiing from an early age, [...]

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