World Cup Accredited Races

The calendar of World Cup Accredited races is now available under the World Cup tag of this website. It includes a new facility which will help everyone concerned to check the World Cup points he/she has earned at any given race. When the event name has a green background, it means that the results are [...]

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Updated list of IFSS Committees and Commissions

Here is an update of IFSS Committees and Commissions as of June 2017. IFSS Council appoints the committees except for the Anti-Doping Committee, which is appointed by the Board. You will find some new committees such as the 1-2 Dog Committee and the Inclusive Global Access Committee. The Commissions are decided and elected by the [...]

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IFSS World Championship Snow 2019

On behalf of IFSS Council I am pleased to announce that the IFSS World Championship 2019 Snow - Ski-Dogs, Sprint and Mid-distance, will be organized in Bessans, France by Lekkarod Association, member club of the FFST with the support of the League Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (Regional league) and of the FFST (Fédération Française des Sports de [...]

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Classes for the upcoming Dryland World Championship in Szamotuly-Kozle Poland November 23-26 2017 have now been decided on. See PDF file below. If you have any questions regarding the event you can contact RGO in Poland and Anna Wodzinska at email: awodzinska@mushing.pl Questions will also be answered by Eeva Äijälä, IFSS Vice President - email: [...]

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WORLD CUP 2016/2017

World Cup season 2016/2017 is completed and the total points gathered by each participants are now available. If errors or omissions are found they should be reported to accreditation@sleddogsport.net at the latest on June 30, 2017. The World Cup has attracted 700 competitors from Europe, North America and Oceania. The three best scores for the [...]

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Decision Anti Doping case – Bristol WC Dryland 2015

On October 29, 2015, a urine sample was collected from Mikael Pettersson, Sweden, at the competition ”IFSS WC Bristol Quebec Canada 2015”. The sample was analyzed at the INRS laboratory in Quebec, Canada. The test report showed presence of the substance metandienone metabolite, a non-specified substance according to the WADA Prohibited List. This case was [...]

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Championship 2020 and 2021 application deadlines

IFSS is inviting submissions from interested parties for the World Championships On Snow and Dryland and Continental Championships On Snow and Dryland. Preliminary proposals/bids with basic details are invited, as well as Full Proposals/Bids. Deadline dates for submissions of Full Proposals/Bids are below. World Championship On Snow 2021 Expressions of interest should be submitted by: [...]

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WORLD CUP 2017/2018

The new World Cup season starts on June 1st 2017. The World Cup regulations have been amended and the revised regulations, approved by the Council, are effective starting on June 1st 2017 and are published on the website. The application for the World Cup accreditation (see new application form) shall be sent to the Accreditation [...]

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