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Race Judge and Doping Control Training – Bristol WC

The Race Judge training is confirmed for Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October prior to the World Championships at Bristol, Quebec. We currently have 6 attendees registered. The Doping Control training is scheduled for Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th October prior to the World Championships at Bristol, Quebec. We currently have 5 attendees registered. Both [...]

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IFSS is including both 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 World Cup results as there has been no Dryland World Championship between the two seasons and this is deemed only fair to those who competed in either season. Preselected Athletes are to be found in the three files attached: 1. Gold Medallists from WCDL Italy 2013  WC Gold [...]

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Bristol Dryland WC 2015

Details for the 2015 Dryland World Championship to be held in Bristol, (QC), Canada from the 29th October to 1st November 2015, are below. Classes Offered: Bristol Dryland WC 2015 Classes Tentative Schedule: Bristol Dryland WC 2015 Tentative Schedule 2  Schedule has changed. This schedule may change again depending on participation numbers for each class: Invitation Package: WCDL2015_invitation_package [...]

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IFSS is inviting submissions from interested parties for the World Championships On Snow and Dryland 2019. Preliminary proposals/bids with basic details are invited, as well as Full Proposals/Bids. Deadline dates for submissions of Full Proposals/Bids are below. WC On Snow 2019 Expressions of interest should be submitted by: October 31st, 2016. Full Applications or Bids [...]

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IFSS World Championship Long-distance 2015

Sigrid Ekran, Norway, took a most convincing victory in this year’s IFSS World Championship and Finnmark Race 1000 kilometer. With that, Sigrid defended her IFSS World Champion title from 2011 as well as her FL-1000 Champion title from 2014. With 11 fresh and fit dogs in front of her sled, the 35-year old Sparbu woman [...]

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