I am very pleased that IFSS Council has approved the application for membership from Club Deporto Canino Aurora Austral Villarrica Chile. Chile is once again a member of IFSS.

Aurora Austral is accepted as Provisional National member. They will have five years to develop the club into a full, voting member of IFSS and a federation for Mushing in Chile.

Aurora Austral is a new club and they have been urged to seek affiliation with other parties and existing clubs in the country to work together to develop into a federation for all mushers in Chile.

Aurora Austarl is planning to have teams at the 2015 IFSS Dryland World Championship in Bristol, Quebec Canada October 29th to November 1st.

The IFSS Council and I wish Aurora Austral and Chile the best of luck, both with the competitions in Bristol and with the progress and development of mushing in Chile.

Arild Eidsvold
IFSS VP Development

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