On October 29, 2015, a urine sample was collected from Mikael Pettersson, Sweden, at the competition ”IFSS WC Bristol Quebec Canada 2015”. The sample was analyzed at the INRS laboratory in Quebec, Canada. The test report showed presence of the substance metandienone metabolite, a non-specified substance according to the WADA Prohibited List.

This case was handed over from IFSS to the Swedish Doping Commission after the Mikael Pettersson had turned down IFSS suggested agreement of penalty – one (1) year suspension and a promise to educate youngsters about the risk of using food supplements. The Swedish Doping Commissions decision was announced on March 9th, 2017.

Based on this evidence, the Swedish Doping Commission charged Mikael Pettersson with an ADRVwith reference to article 2.1 of the Swedish Anti-Doping Rules (Idrottens antidopingreglemente, IDR) and chapter 13 § 2 of the statutes of the Swedish Sports Confederation (SSC). The Doping Commission stated that Mikael Pettersson should be subject to consequences as laid out in article 10.2.1 IDR.

The Doping Panel declared, according to articles 2.1 IDR and IDR, that the period of ineligible should be four (4) years. Mikael Pettersson has been provisionally suspended, according to article 7.9.1 IDR, by IFSS since December 21, 2015. The period of ineligibility commences on that date.

During the suspension other persons in a competition can use dogs belonging to Mikael Pettersson.