Several times a week, Sportaccord informs the international federations (i.e. the Anti-Doping Committee Chair) of various doping cases around the world and provide information relative to doping products. All this information is forwarded to the Anti-Doping Committee members and to the Council members.

You will find below some of these cases and other interesting information. The list below is updated on a regular basis.

Bernard Pepin
ADC Chair

Liver damage and dietary supplements

Italian cyclist Massimiliano Susini’s B sample analysis confirms A sample adverse finding for metabolite of cocaine.

Two horses have adverse findings on drug tests at World Equestrian Games.

Irish horse trainer Philip Fenton on trial for alleged steroid possession. Trial date October 23.

Research on genes gives clues to their role in the bodies of animals.

Two Florida men charged with possession with intent to sell steroids.

Raid on Sydney home leads to discovery of $365,000 worth of steroids.

Russian race walking coach Viktor Kolesnikov is suspended.

Study indicates that HGH use by children may increase stroke risk.