Welcome Mari Hoe Raitto – IFSS new Vice President Development!
Mari was born in Fagernes, Norway, moved to Alaska USA when she was 20, and have since then lived in Alaska.
Growing up in Norway gave her outdoor skills in many sports and activities. Mari competed in Alpine and Xc skiing from an early age, and started racing Nordic style with 1-3 dogs at age 13.
Living in Alaska, Mari has competed in sprint racing, stage racing, mid distance and skijoring.
Mari has 44 years of experience and racing has made dog mushing and skijoring into a lifestyle and living for her.
She has many years of experience in breeding, training and racing with Siberian Huskies, German Shorthair Pointers, Border Collies, Alaskan Huskies, Euro hounds and Scandinavian Pointers.
Mari has three children; Gard, Siri and Adeline, that all learned the sport of skijoring and mushing from an early age, and they all have been competitors in our junior racing clubs in Alaska.
Mari works full time as a P.E teacher at Anderson and Crawford Elementary Schools North Pole, Alaska.
Mari is together with Carol Kaynor the author of the book Skijor With Your Dog, published first in 1991, the second publishing 2012.
The term for Mari as VP Development runs from October 20, 2017 until General Assembly 2020.
Once again – welcome Mari! Council and I are all looking forward to work with you.
IFSS President