With a wonderful opening ceremony the European champion ships started at Thursday evening. All l nineteen nations in attendance, with a total amount of 320 starters.

Included in this number was 19 Juniors who are the future of the sport

First day:

On the first day we started with BikeJor Man Elite Which has shown tight competition with 29 competitors followed by 3 DBM Juniors.  The entry for the Bikejor Man Veteran was 20 and the DBMJ Junior was 3 from Norway.

Women Bikejor Elite was another class with a large entry of 25. Followed by the veteran class of 15 entries

Nearly 80 entries of various Canicross classes also completed the first day.

Second Day

Bike & Canicross classes competed for the final standing. It was also the first heat for all athletes in the 4 6 8 dog classes. Also, the scooter classes today started their Championship race.

Today was filled with good competition under bright sunny sky with low temperatures.

The highlight of today was the Mushers Banquet and the Awards Ceremony for the Bike and Canicross classes.

Third Day

After a windy night the race started as planned at 9 pm with Scooter 2 dog. Followed by Scooter 1, also a race with no clear leader after the first day, where we have seen a good and again close competition. InDR8, DR6 and DR4 the second day showed again high performance among all teams.

The final competition, relay, a spectacular race with its mass start. All 19 teams ( cani cross)went out with no difficulty and arrived very close in to the line to handover to the teammate on the scooter. The scooter driver handed over to the Canicross runner and he covert the distance over the gravel road to the Bike driver to complete the relay.

Final Results