Delegates from 17 of IFSS member federations gathered the weekend of May 31 and June 1st for the bi-annual General Assembly.

The meetings were hosted in Diegem, Brussels (Belgium), where Julie Hanson, IFSS Secretariat had arranged for meeting rooms and an enjoyable dinner on Saturday evening.

The IFSS Council also held its pre and post GA meetings during the weekend.
Anne McIntyre was re elected as Vice President Sport and Christian Haeberli was re elected as Vice President Economy, both for a four-year term.

The British Sleddog Sports Federation was unanimously accepted as a new Voting Member representing Great Britain. The BSSF was previously an IFSS Provisional Member. The Sled Dog Association of Scotland (SDAS), also previously a provisional member submitted written support for the BSSF in its bid for voting membership.

The reports of the various Council members and Committees were presented to the delegates.

Some changes to the By Laws were proposed and accepted by the delegates with a large majority.

The Continental Director for Europe, Lars Svanfeldt, presented the list of classes to be held at the IFSS European Championships Dryland 2014 and Thierry Bloch representing France, the hosting country of the event, showed the venue at Lamotte Beuvron on Google Earth.

Knut Arne Holthe, President of NHF (Norges Hundekjorer Forbund) presented a video from the Norwegian Finnmarkslopet 2014, which will be the venue for the IFSS 2015 World Championship Longdistance. Helen Lundberg, IFSS President presented a video from SportAccord.

The program of the IFSS World Championships 2015 on snow to be held next winter in Germany was decided by the delegates. It will include eight days of competitions on the two venues of Bernau and Todtmoos. More information on these events and on the IFSS World Championships Long Distance in Norway will be presented soon and so will the info regarding the IFSS European Championships Dryland 2014 in France.

The financial reports for the past two years (since the last General Assembly in Oslo 2012) and the budget for the coming fiscal year was approved by the delegates.

During the GA weekend there was also time for discussion and “brainstorming” among the delegates. Topics including future championship classes and race schedule both dryland and on snow were discussed. This was all much appreciated by the delegates.

Helen Lundberg, President of IFSS thanked the Council Members, the committee members and the delegates for their contribution to the good working and development of IFSS.

Helen Lundberg