Långan Sweden November 1st 2014.

IFSS new Executive Director

Christen Rose Anderssen

They say that change is good and I hope that is true… event though it is with a sad heart I now see a very good friend of mine and also one of the most knowledgeable persons of sleddog sport depart the “official” life of IFSS… Bernard, you will be so much missed but I hope I will be able to call or email you when I run into trouble…

To find a person to succeed Bernard has not been easy but I am very glad to present for you all, IFSS new Executive Director – Christen Rose Anderssen.

Christen Rose Andersen has been around sled-dogs as long as I can remember and that is for a long time… Christen has been active racing with sled-dogs for 30 years (prior to 1992 – restart 2008).  He has been racing with ski-dogs and with sled – sprint and distance. He knows the sport from inside. Christen has also been breeding and training racing sled- dogs and working on the development of the sport in Norway including writing articles and giving speeches and seminars. Beside this Christen has a life long of activities; running, skiing, sailing, horseback-riding, outdoor life in general and painting.

He was born in London and has been living in Sheffield but also spent many years in Norway, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, India, Singapore and Sarawak (East Malaysia).

Since two years Christen now lives in Sweden north of Östersund at a small place named Andviken.

Christen speaks English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and also has some understanding in French and Italian.

I am sure all the knowledge Christen brings with him will benefit IFSS work for the future.

Christen will officially take over as IFSS Executive Director November 15th.

Welcome on board Christen!


Helen Lundberg
IFSS President
c/o Ellis Skogsvägen 4
840 95 Funäsdalen
phone +46 (0)721 594 537

Christen and Helen