Sigrid Ekran gold medalistSigrid Ekran, Norway, took a most convincing victory in this year’s IFSS World Championship and Finnmark Race 1000 kilometer. With that, Sigrid defended her IFSS World Champion title from 2011 as well as her FL-1000 Champion title from 2014.
With 11 fresh and fit dogs in front of her sled, the 35-year old Sparbu woman could take in the applause from about 1,000 spectators in Alta. Sigrid Ekran is the first musher since 2003 to win the long Finnmark Race two consecutive years.
She used 6 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes to cover the 1100 km distance.
Ralph Johannessen, Norway, second place in FL-1000. This also gave him silver medal in the IFSS Word Championship.
Kjell Brennodden, Norway finished in third place and won the IFSS World Championship bronze medal. Kjell Brennodden, was in the lead of FL-1000 throughout the race. He rested well and kept a speed higher than most of his competitors for most of the legs. This has paid off.

IFSS Junior World Championship: 17-year-old Anette Børve Hernes, Norway, won the gold medal in IFSS Junior World Championship. She managed to keep her competitors behind her all the way from Suossjavri to Alta and arrived as # 1 crossing the finish line. All her six dogs completed the race. This means that Anette is the first Junior World Champion ever in long distance sleddog racing.
Hanna Lyrek arrived next, just a few hundred meters behind her as # 2 and winning the IFSS World Championship Silvermedal.

IFSS World Championship FL-500: Arriving in single lead, Elisabeth Edland, Norway, arrived as winner of the FL-500 race and winning the IFSS World Championship gold medal in this class. Two days, four hours and five minutes after she started from Alta, she crossed the finish line in the same city, well ahead of the competitors. All from the first checkpoint, Edland has shown that she was going to fight for the lead. With fast running times and well-rested dogs early from the start of the race, she gained a head start in the race and she managed to keep a lead all the way to the finish in Alta.Second place and IFSS World Championship silver medal to Hilde Askildt, Norway. Alexander Schwarz from Finland finished in third place and won the IFSS bronze medal.

IFSS World Championship FL-500 RNB: Eveline Koch led the FL-500 RNB class almost from beginning to the end. Koch won the FL-500 RNB in this year’s Finnmark Race and IFSS World Championship, and she arrived as the 15th out of a total of 76 teams that started the 500 km race. Catherine Fontaine, France finished in second place and won the IFSS silver medal. Third place and bronze medal to Marte Stensland Jørgensen, Norway.

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