IFSS supports Norwegian Summer School for young Mushers!

The Norwegian Federation is inviting 15 non-Norwegian participants to their successful “Sommerhundekjørerskolen 2016” – Summercamp in Norway to take place Sunday June 26 to Sunday July 3rd. You have to be between 13-18 years of age. If you are 19 years old you can apply for participation.
Participating fee – NOK 3.500:- which includes 3 meals/day and a bed.
You will stay in apartments, 3-4 persons in each.
You have to organize travel to Norway your selves, but the Norwegian Federation will help and assist as much as they can.
It is possible to borrow a dog, if you are not able to bring your own.
IFSS will support juniors from outside of Norway (non-Norwegians) with the cost for trainers/leaders/instructors. Entries will be evaluated and supported by the principle; “first come, first served”- the IFSS junior committee will make the final decision.
You should be able to communicate in the English language.
For photos from earlier years camps check out the Facebook page: “Sommerhundekjørerskolen 2016»

And here is a link to Simon Cipro’s video from 2014:

If you are interested let us know as soon as possible – send email to: Lotte Friid Fladey: