During the EC Dryland 2014 in France, 5 controls were performed on athletes and 5 controls were also done on dogs.

The 5 controls on the athletes revealed no use of forbidden substances.

4 controls on dogs were also negative but, unfortunately, one dog urine sample was analyzed to contain caffeine, paraxanthine and theophylline. These substances are listed in § 2A of the list of forbidden substances as stimulants for the first two and bronchodilator for the last one.

The positive control was done on one dog of Igor Tracz (Poland) racing in the DR5-8 class.

The competitor and his federation were informed and the Polish national federation organized a hearing as provided for in the IFSS 2014 Anti-Doping Rules to decide on a sanction in addition to the disqualification which is automatic.

Igor Tracz has been disqualified from the race where his dog was controlled positive and is banned from racing any race for a 6 months period starting on February 25 (date of the hearing panel decision) by the Polish hearing panel. Igor Tracz has been requested to give back the Silver medal he was awarded with.

IFSS has not appealed the Polish decision.

The DR5-8 class result of the EC will be corrected as follows:

1st Teemu Kaivola (Finland), European Champion and Gold medal (no change)

2nd Patrick Jadsten (Sweden), Silver medal (moved up one place)

3rd Manuel Kempf (Austria), Bronze medal (moved up one place)

All the other finishing competitors have moved up one place.

Note: 4 controls on athletes and 7 controls on dogs have been performed at the World Championships in Germany (The results are not available yet). Some controls on dogs and athletes are also scheduled during the World championships Long Distance in Norway.

Bernard Pepin

Anti-Doping Committee Chair