The Council has approved a couple of changes in the DID registration procedure for the new season. The DID regular remains at 30 € fee but wish to incite the members to register their DID’s as soon as possible and not at the last minute before the World Championship. To do so deadline dates for registering the DID, similar to the deadlines dates for the World Championship entries, are implemented. The deadline date for registering the DID’s at the normal price (30 €) is set on October 30, 2017. DID registration will be accepted between October 31 and November 6, 2017 at double price (60 €). No DID registration will be accepted between November 7 and the end of the World Championship Dryland on November 26 to let the Vice President of Economy, the Vice President of Sport and the DID Coordinator concentrate on the preparation and the implementation of the World Championships. The DID registration will be possible again at the regular price (30 €) on November 27, 2017.
Information on the new DID Registration and the new DID registration form are available on the DID page of the website.