The use of “Controlled Medication” on dogs has been revised by the Anti-Doping Committee. These revisions include a better explanation of the procedure when using Controlled Medications. The most important modification concerns the use of Thyroid Hormone. In that case, an approval from the IFSS Control Substance Administrators is required. The Control Substance Administrators are two vets from the IFSS Anti-Doping Committee able to interpret the supportive documents provided with the Veterinary Medication Form 2. For all the other Controlled Medications, a Veterinary Medication Form 1 is required. These revised regulations and forms are applicable immediately. This means they apply for dogs entering the European Championships Dryland 2014 and that, when required for dogs entering that event, the Vet Form 2 must be sent to the Control Substance Administrators before the end of October.

For questions regarding the Controlled Medications for dogs and the use of Forms 1 and 2, you can contact the Control Substance Administrators at

The new documentation is available on the Anti-Doping Rules page of the website.

The use of Controlled Medication without the appropriate approval shall be considered doping.

Bernard Pepin
ADC Chair