IFSS European Championships Snow

February 22-25, 2018
Millegrobbe/Lavarno, Trento, Italy. 
Technical organizer: F.I.M.S.S. – Federazione Italiana Musher e Sleddogsport

OFFICIAL Starting list – Friday

The provisional starter list (in alphabetical order)

Invitation IFSS European Championships Sprint and MD Italy (1)

IFSS entryform ECh 2018 – On-Snow Italy


ifss_speakerform (1)

EC-Guardian Form 2018

Competitor Waiver Form

IFSS European Dryland Championships 2016


November 17th – 20th, 2016

Kings Forest, Thetford, Norfolk, England. 

Technical organizer: BSSF – British Sleddog Sports Federation

ECDL 2016 Invitation, Sept. 30, 2016

IFSS Entry Form – EC Dryland GB

2014 EU Dryland Ch RESULTS

Entry list (draft) ECh_Entries_2014.xlsx
Invitation and Program as pdf ECDL2014-invitation.pdf
**Amendment to Invitation**
Clarification regarding race equipment from Race Marshal Olle Rosén
3-wheeled rigs will be allowed in the DR5-8-dog class.

Additional information ECDL2014-information.pdf
Entryform as xlsx IFSS entryform ECh 2014 – Dryland France.xlsx
IFSS Chipping list ifss_chipping_list.xlsx
IFSS Speaker form ifss_speakerform.xlsx
IFSS Competitor Consent form ifss_competitor_consent_form_140107.pdf
Guardian Form ECDL_2014_guardian_form.doc
Lodging on the race site as pdf ECDL2014_Lodging.pdf