IFSS held the first World Championships (WCh) in Saint Moritz, Switzerland in 1990 with classes in only Sled Sprint (10-Dog, 8-Dog, and 6-Dog) and Skidog Pulka for men and women. 113 competitors arrived in the starting chutes to mark the momentous occasion. At first World Championships were held each year, but after the 1995 events, it was decided to hold them every two years, which facilitated the bidding process and enabled the host organization more time for preparation. As the world of sled dog sports changed, IFSS also added classes and styles to the World Championships to diversify and become more inclusive of the worldwide trends and developments. Mid-Distance sled events were first included in the 2001 World Championships, taking place in Marquette (Michigan) USA in conjunction with the UP 200 Midnight Run Race. Dryland racing saw its first showing in Ravenna, Italy, in 2003.

1990 First Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Saint Moritz, Switzerland

1991 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Winnipeg (Manitoba) Canada

1992 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Badmittendorf, Austria: February 21-23, 1990

1993 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Fairbanks (Alaska) USA: Early March, 1993

1994 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Todtmoos, Germany

1995 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Lake Placid (New York) USA

1997 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Joensuu, Finland

1999 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Sils, Switzerland: February 19-21, 1999

Winter Junior WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Baqueira Beret, Spain: December 18-19, 1999

2001 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Fairbanks (Alaska) USA: February 23-March 4, 2001

Winter WCh Mid Distance Sled 6-Dog – Marquette (Michigan) USA: February 17-18, 2001

2003 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog, Mid-Distance – Todtmoos & Bernau, Germany: February 7-16, 2003

Winter Junior WCh – Hybe, Slovakia: January 18-19, 2003

Dryland WCh – Ravenna, Italy: November 29-30, 2003

2004 Dryland WCh – Aranda, Spain: November 29-30, 2004

2005 Winter WCh Mid-Distance Sled – Bend (Oregon) USA: January 7-15, 2005

Winter Sled Sprint and Skidog  – Dawson City (Yukon Territory) Canada: March 11-20, 2005

Dryland WCh – Lubliniec, Poland

2007 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – Gafsele, Sweden: March 8-11, 2007

Dryland WCh – Piandelagotti, Italy: November 17-18, 2007

Junior WCh – Szklarska Poreba-Jakuszyce, Poland: March 16-18, 2007

2008 Winter WCh Sled Mid-Distance – Pian Cansiglio, Italy: February 15-17, 2008

2009 Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog, Mid-Distance – Daaquam (Quebec) Canada: January 17-25, 2009

Dryland WCh – Saguenay (Quebec) Canada – October 30: November 01, 2009

2011 Winter WCh Sled Sprint, Mid-Distance and Skidog: Hamar, Oslo Norway: March 18-27, 2011

Long Distance Sled Femundløpet, Røros, Norway: February 2011

Dryland WCh – Borken, Germany: November 12-13, 2011

2013  Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidog – North Pole, Salcha and Fairbanks (Alaska) USA: February 26 – March 17, 2013

Dryland WCh – Falzè di Piave, Italy: November 8-10, 2013

2015  Winter WCh Sled Long Distance – Finnmarksløpet, Norway: March 2015

Winter WCh Sled Sprint and Skidogs – Bernau/Todtmoos Germany: February 20 – March 1, 2015

Dryland WCh – Bristol Quebec, Canada: October 30 – November 1, 2015

2017 Winter WCh Sled Sprint, Mid-Distance and Skidog – Haliburton Forest, Ontario, Canada: January 24 – February 1, 2017


Medaljörer-i-unlimited-class-1991-IFSS-World-Championships-Winnepeg-Manitoba-Kanada.-Center_-guld-etta-Terry-Streeper-Kanda.-till-höger-silver-2nd-Linda-Leonard-USA-till-vänster-bronse, 3rd - Eddy Streeper

1991-IFSS-World-Championships-Winnepeg-Manitoba-Canada. Gold medal – Terry-Streeper, Canada (middle). Silver medal -Linda Leonard, USA (right). Bronze medal – Eddy Streeper, Canada (left).


IFSS WC 1993-Johnny-Solhaug Norway 1st place Mens pulka 1993. Fairbanks Alaska. Photo by Lisa B Fallgren-Stevens

IFSS WC 1993-Johnny-Solhaug Norway 1st place Mens pulka 1993. Fairbanks Alaska. Photo by Lisa B Fallgren-Stevens


IFSS WC 2011. Opening Ceremony. Team Australia leads the way at the opening ceremony at Holmenkollen - Photo by Rebecca Knight

IFSS WC 2011. Opening Ceremony at Holmenkollen, Oslo Norway – Photo by Rebecca Knight