The new World Cup season starts on June 1st 2017. The World Cup regulations have been amended and the revised regulations, approved by the Council, are effective starting on June 1st 2017 and are published on the website.
The application for the World Cup accreditation (see new application form) shall be sent to the Accreditation Committee ( at least 30 days before the event (no change from last season). It is important that this deadline is respected so that the competitors who wish to focus on World Cup events can plan their racing season accordingly. The earlier the applications are sent the better it is for the organizers to receive registration from competitors interested by the World Cup program.
The purpose of the World Cup program is to allow competitors with DID to compare their performances without competing in the same events and to make rankings of these competitors. Consequently the World Cup accreditation will be reserved to events in countries where there are competitors interested in the World Cup (i.e. with DID). It is reminded that it is the responsibility of the competitors to inform the Race Giving Organization of their DID number without which the World Cup points are not calculated.
The results format has slightly changed since last season. In order to reflect the same format used for the application of DID, first names and last names of the competitors are now in different columns. It is reminded that the race point scores cannot be calculated if the results are not in the required format and results not provided in the correct format will be returned.
The calculation of the Race Points Score includes a Duration Factor depending on the number of heats of the race considered. This season, a specific Duration Factor has been decided for stage races (race with more than 3 heats or stages). Stage races can be accredited this year.
It is important that the IFSS Race Rules are used in all the IFSS World Cup events so that the competitors race under the same regulations. Never the less ISDRA rules are still accepted for North American races this year with the objective to see the ISDRA rules revised for the following season to coincide with the IFSS rules in the future. It is reminded that IFSS has the right to perform doping controls during World Cup events. These controls shall not be restricted to competitors with DID but shall apply to all the competitors (with or without DID) of the accredited classes so that fairness among the competitors is guaranteed.
During this past season the question has been raised concerning the possible accreditation of Canicross races on snow (This is very popular in some countries with long winters). Nothing in the rules prohibits organizing Canicross races on snow. Consequently Canicross races on snow can be accredited as World Cup races.
As in the past, the calendar of the World Cup events will be published on the IFSS website with information such as location, date, classes and contact email and website address for detailed information. It will be updated as soon as new events are accredited. The results (including the World Cup points accredited to the competitors with DID) will also be published as soon as available.

Bernard Pépin
Accreditation Committee Chair