The World Cup regulations have been revised for the season 2018/2019. The main changes are as follows:
– Information concerning accreditation which were previously on the document “Accreditation and World Championships” has been moved to the new document “Cup Regulations” which is now the only regulation governing the World Cup.
– The point calculation for the classes where women and men are normally separate has been clarified in paragraphs F.3 and F.4.
– The pre-selection of World Cup winners for the World and Continental Championships has been clarified in paragraph H.3.
The World Cup application form has been updated. The application is free for the season 2018/2019.
The result format has been modified to include the distance of the heats/stages.

Please use the new application form and the new result format for the season 2018/2019.

Some organizers propose Canicross races on snow at the same time as regular on snow classes. These Canicross classes, providing they respect the IFSS Canicross rules, can also be accredited. Their point results will be included in the Dryland Canicross scores.

Bernard Pépin
Accreditation Committee Chair