2016-2017 Season Results

WCp On Snow North America

WCp On Snow Europe & Russia

Dryland North America 2016-2017

Dryland Europe & Russia 2016-2017

DL Rig 2016-2017

DL Scooter 2016-2017

CCBJ 2016-2017

2015-2016 Season Results 

If any events have not yet forwarded their results, in the correct format, please do so as soon as possible. Preselection Lists will be published before the GA so results not received by May 21st are not able to be included. Certificates will be printed before the GA and will be available to Federation representatives for distribution.

Results not yet received: Some events may have been cancelled. Please advise at vp.sport@sleddogsport.net

Some events may not have had competitors with DIDs. We still require the results to be sent to vp.sport@sleddogsport.net for participation statistical analysis.

Cherry Raceway Drydog, Didsbury Dogsled Derby, Mushers Bowl, Circuit Nordique Sirius, Tamworth, John Beargrease, Border Rush, Laconia, Colosse et son Molosse, Fur Rendezvous, French Championship.

Results Calculated:

CCBJ 2015-2016

DL Rig 2015-2016

Skidog Classes 2015-2016

DL Scooter 2015-2016

MD Classes 2015-2016

Sprint Classes 2015-2016

Anomalies should be reported to vp.sport@sleddogsport.net by Wednesday 25th May.

Final calculations for 2014-2015 World Cup season are below.

Results not received from some events so they could not be included.

Any anomalies in the results should be reported to the VP Sport via email vp.sport@sleddogsport.net as soon as possible.

2014-2015 Season Results

Canicross and Bikejoring 2014-2015

Dryland Scooter classes 2014-2015

Dryland Rig Classes 2014-2015

Skidog Classes 2014-2015

Mid Distance 2014-2015

Sprint Classes 2014-2015

2013-2014 Season Results

Canicross and Bikejoring 2013-2014

Dryland Rig and Scooter Classes 2013-2014

On Snow Classes 2013-2014

2012-2013 Season Results

Dryland Classes 2012-2013

On Snow Classes 2012-2013

2011-2012 Season Results coming.