Provisional general results for 2017-2018 World Cup season
The provisional continental general results are now available and will be updated as soon as new results are received and the points have been calculated. Individual race results are also available with the calculated points by clicking on the race name on the accredited event list (World Cup event page). You will note that, following a recommendation, the formula used to calculate points has slightly change with 1000 points instead of 100 for the winner of a 2 heat race, 800 instead of 80 for the winner of a 1 heat race, etc. and no decimal number.

Provisional results – Dryland North America 2017-2018

Provisional results – Dryland Oceania 2017-2018

Provisional results – Dryland Europe & Russia 2017-2018

Provisional results – On Snow North America 2017-2018

Provisional results – On Snow Europe & Russia 2017-2018


Final calculations for 2016-2017 World Cup season are below.
The IFSS World Cup has been calculated based on the results of 30 Dryland events and 30 events on snow. They have involved 700 entries of competitors from 23 different countries in Europe, North America and Oceania.
The anomalies reported before June 30th have been corrected.
A summary of the results is also available with the list of the three best results for each group of classes in the world and continental rankings and the preselected competitors for the coming Dryland World Championships and the on snow Continental Championships 2018. The first three of each group of classes in the world global ranking and the winners of the group of classes in the continental rankings will be awarded with special medals.
Congratulations to all the participants from the Accreditation Committee and from the Council.
Special congratulations are addressed to Karen Koehler from Canada who has collected 520.75 points, the highest number of points, all classes together, and to Colin Spalding from Great Britain who has collected his points on his 5 best results of 8 World Cup classes ran during the season, the largest participation from all World Cup competitors.

Bernard Pepin, Accreditation Committee Chair
Eeva Äijälä, Vice President of Sport

2016-2017 Season Results

Summary 2016-2017

On Snow North America 2016-2017

On Snow Europe & Russia 2016-2017

Dryland North America 2016-2017

Dryland Europe & Russia 2016-2017

Oceania DL Rig 2016-2017

Oceania DL Scooter 2016-2017

Oceania CCBJ 2016-2017

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