The World Cup Season and the DID season are coming to a close. There are only two events remaining to run in the World Cup 2014-2015.
A condition of accreditation is that results are forwarded in the correct format within one week of the event. There are some accredited events listed below that have not yet sent in their results for calculation.
Course des Saisies
Défi de la Gosford Axion
Grand Mesa Summit Challenge Dog Sled Race
Championnat de France, Les Fourgs
International Championship of Canada
Provincia Race
Trout Fest Dryland Derby
Kaunas District Mayors Cup – Baltic Cup 1

As the World Cup point score results are to be published by the end of May, these results must be received by the 10th of May to be included in the calculations for the final point score results.

The new World Cup season and DID season, 2015-2016 begins on June 1st.