Corrected entries to the IFSS European Championships Dryland 2018
After a few corrections, here is the complete list of entries in each championship class.
I and the Swedish federation would like to thank all federations for a good job with the entries and mostly keeping the dead-lines!
See you in Nybro!
Published of Kjell Ek 19 oktober 2018
Entries and classes to IFSS European Championships Dryland 2018

There are 391 individual competitors and 16 relay teams entered and there are 27 individual classes with Championship status.

As stated in the invitation, Championship status is given to classes with at least 5 competitors from 3 countries in senior and veteran, at least 3 competitors in junior.

The RNB-entries in DBMV, DBWJ, DBWV, DR4J, DS1J are not enough to form separate RNB-classes.

The RNB-entries in DS1M and DS1W are combined to a separate class DS1 RNB. Please, check this list (.xlsx) of entries!

If you find any mistakes contact

Published of Kjell Ek 17 oktober 2018
Concerning veterinary controls
To avoid misunderstandings concerning veterinary controls at the European Championships.
There will be no veterinary inspections of all dogs prior to the competition. There will instead be plenty of controls of dogs at the whole competition area including stake-out, prior to and throughout the competitions.
The veterinarians, as always, has the responsibility for the well fare of the dogs. They are of course always glad to help out when competitors ask for help with their dogs! They will also keep a close eye on all competitors dogs so that everything looks good and that the dogs have a good time. If necessary they will check the dogs more thoroughly, to see if they are fit to compete.

//Bengt Pontén
Continental Director Europe
Published of Kjell Ek 12 oktober 2018
Starting order at the European Championships

The Continental Director Europe and the Local organizers have decided that the competitions for the different disciplines will be started as follows:

  • Thursday and Friday – Bike and Canicross
  • Saturday and Sunday – Scooter 1, Scooter 2, Rig
  • Sunday – Relay

Remember that all participants must submit an IFSS Competitor Waiver Form. For contestants in junior classes an IFSS Guardian Form must also be submitted. Chipping lists must be submitted for all competing dogs. It is appreciated if each federation scans and sends these documents to before the Championships. Please, name each document with Country Competitors name.

//Bengt Pontén
Continental Director Europe

Published of Kjell Ek 09 oktober 2018
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