Provisional general results for 2018-2019 World Cup season

The provisional general results are now available by continent and will be updated as soon as new results are received and the points have been calculated. Individual race results are also available with the calculated points by clicking on the race name on the accredited event list (World Cup event page). If you have a DID number for the season, we recommend that you check the individual race results to see that your points have been calculated. Too many times corrections are requested at the end of the season delaying the publication of the final results. They are usually due to the lack of DID number in the race results.
We recommend that the race entry forms include a specific space for the DID number.
Request for corrections and questions should be sent to accreditation(at)

Provisional results – Dryland North America 2018-2019

Provisional results – Dryland South America 2018-2019

Provisional results – Dryland Europe & Russia 2018-2019

Provisional results – Dryland Oceania 2018-2019

Provisional results – On-Snow North America 2018-2019

Provisional results – On-Snow Europe & Russia 2018-2019