Entries to the World Championships On-Snow 2019

There are now almost 400 entries to the WCh On-Snow in Bessans, France! As you can see in the attached file, there are still some classes with not enough competitors to have WCh-status. There is still a couple of days left until the last entry deadline, so there is time for late entries. Because the last day to register names is Jan 21, now only the number of entries from each country is presented.

As stated in the Invitation, Championship status is given to the classes where at least seven (7) participants from three countries are represented except in Junior classes where at least three (3) participants from two countries are represented.

See WCh On-Snow 2019 entries by country Jan 11 (PDF)

Published of Kjell Ek 11 januari 2019
Mexico new Provisional member of IFSS

I want to share with you the good news that IFSS now has a new Provisional member – Mexico!
IFSS council has approved the application from FMDPT Mexico with a full majority.

Welcome Mexico to IFSS!

Helen Lundberg

IFSS President

Published of Helen Lundberg 25 december 2018
2019 World Championship Snow - final trail distances
Race Marshal Olle Rosén has been visiting the race area in Bessans, France and now the final trail distances are set for IFSS World Championship Snow 2019.
Official schedule for Tuesday January 29th 2019 has also been updated.
Trail maps for each distance and updated info regarding schedule and much more can be found on the official race website www.ifss2019.com
Updated of Helen Lundberg 20 december 2018
Updated By Laws published
Updated By Laws with corrections approved by IFSS General Assembly 2018 now published under Documents. 
Updated of Helen Lundberg 04 december 2018
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