IFSS World Championships Dryland 2019 - classes
Information about the classes in the upcoming IFSS World Championships Dryland 2019 in Nybro, Sweden can be found here.
Published of Eeva Äijälä 20 april 2019
World Cup Regulations - now updated


The World Cup regulations and the results format for the coming season have been approved by IFSS Council, the updated documents are now posted on IFSS website.

Published of Helen Lundberg 10 april 2019
Nybro to host 2019 Dryland World Championship


IFSS Council and I are pleased to announce that Nybro Sleddog Club in Sweden will organize the IFSS Dryland World Championship 2019.

Date: October 23-27th 2019

Place: Svartbäcksmåla, Nybro – same location where the IFSS Dryland European Championship 2018 took place.


Nybro Sleddog Club will shortly post information on their official event page and there will also be a Facebook page with the latest information. You can also follow the event via Instagram.


Nybro Sleddog Club organized a very successful event last year and they are now ready to do even better. The race organization has multiple years of experience. IFSS Council feels very secure that the 2019 Dryland World Championship will be a great event.


Helen Lundberg

IFSS President

Updated of Helen Lundberg 10 april 2019
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